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IN MEMORY OF SELF AND COMRADES - Thomas Wallace Colley's Recollections of Civil War Service in the 1st Virginia Cavalry, Edited by Michael K. Shaffer, Item: 419, Price: $47.00
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1845 SKETCH OF OLD ABINGDON -  Copy of an 1845 pen and ink sketch of old Abingdon drawn by Henry Howe. On cream-colored 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper. Item: 340 Price: $1.00
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History of the Settlement and Indian Wars of Tazewell County, Virginia -  by Geo. W. L. Bickley, M.D. with added material compiled by J. Allen Neal, McClain Printing Company, 1974, Item #: 94 $15.00
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CEMETERIES OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA -  The long-awaited book, CEMETERIES OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA has just been released. The book updates the well-known High On A Windy Hill cemetery book published in 1969. It 39contains Additions and Corrections to more than 333 cemeteries that were listed in High On A Windy Hill. The book is available exclusively at the Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia library in Abingdon, Virginia or through the Society‚Äôs website, www.hswcv.org. This hardbound edition consists of 642 pages and is priced at $49.95 plus tax. If ordered online, a shipping and handling fee is added. Cemeteries of Washington County, Virginia is the perfect Christmas gift for genealogists with research interests in Washington County area. Item: 421 Price: $49.95
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ABINGDON -  A new book by Donna Akers in the Images of Modern America series. This collection of photographs and postcards is intended to allow residents and visitors to recall the decades from the 1950s to the 1980s with images of streetscapes, buildings, businesses, churches, schools, friends, and community leaders. Soft cover, 9 x 6", 95 pages, 2017 Item: 411 Price: $22.99
Friendliest Town on the Trail

Friendliest Town on the Trail -  By Bunny Medeiros. The Appalachian Trail was opened by 1937 and by the mid-fifties a handful of people had walked its entire length. As "thru-hiking" took hold, more and more hikers were coming through Damascus, Virginia. Their adventures prompted a change in the character of the town, leading to its reputation of being "the friendliest town on the Trail". In this book you will meet some of the people from the town during that period and learn more about the five trails passing through the area. Soft Cover, 6 X 9", 111 pages, 2014 Item: 270 Price: $12.95

Working for Stuarts: Life on One of the Oldest and Largest Cattle Farms East of the Mississippi -  By Kathy Shearer. Working for Stuarts reveals the rich history of this immense farming operation whose family roots reach back to 1776. Stories and pictures from the 1900s to the present tell of the lives of the men and women who worked and lived on the four farms: Elk Garden, Rich Mountain, Clifton, and Rosedale. Soft cover (8 X 10), with 100s of photographs, 2015, 575 pages with index. Item: 401 Price: $40.00
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1850 WASHINGTON COUNTY CENSUS, ANNOTATED -  Published by Holston Territory Genealogical Society, 545 pps, Hardbound. Item: 10 Price: $10.95
80th Logo Tee

T-SHIRT WITH 80th ANNIVERSARY LOGO -  All cotton, mid weight, white unisex tee. Sizes S, M, XXXL (please specify on order form). Item: 342. Price: $12.35
Victorian Marriage Certificate

MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE -  This Matrimonial Certificate has been digitally reproduced from a late 1800's Washington County family Bible. It is printed on matt finish 13x19 inch photo paper (so the names can be written in), and is suitable for framing. This would make a unique gift for a wedding, anniversary, or any special family occasion. The Certificate is not printed until ordered, and is sent by regular mail only. Item: 62. Price: $6.95

AFTER THE WAR WAS OVER: RECONSTRUCTION IN WASHINGTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA 1865-1870 -  This essay is an examination of what happened during the Reconstruction Era in one place in the South, Washington County, Virginia. When the Civil War ended, the people struggled to reestablish their economy and cope with the frequently changing political situation. Although most white people bitterly opposed political reconstruction, they persevered and gradually accepted their new situation, rebuilt old institutions, and formed new ones. The time was not as bleak as most would imagine, at least not in this place. Soft cover, with photographs, 2015, 119 pages with index. Item: 329 Price: $18.99

James Hagy is a Washington County native and retired professor of history at the College of Charleston, Charleston, SC. Dr. Hagy currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Historical Society of Washington County, VA. The book is divided into 12 chapters, organized according to subject from "The Land and the People" and "Earliest Times", to the "Civil War". To quote the author, "I have sought to give an accurate account of the events in Washington County until the end of the Civil War and to make known much that has been overlooked in the past." Hardcover, 2013, 306 pps. including index. Item: 328 Price: $47.50
Blue Ridge Chronicles

Blue Ridge Chronicles -  By Rex Bowman
Blue Ridge Chronicles, A Decade of Dispatches from Southwest Virginia by Rex Bowman, American Chronicles. Many of the highlanders in Virginia's western mountains live in small communities with names such as Stonebruise, Novelty, and Wangle Junction, and here their stories are chronicled by one of their own, Floyd County native and Pulitzer-nominated journalist Rex Bowman, roving reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Colorful characters abound, from folks in Independence who have a decades-old tradition of racing outhouses, to the brawlers in St. Paul who once gave the town a reputation for world-class wickedness, to the purveyors of Roanoke's Texas Tavern who have never in seventy years put ketchup on their hamburgers. Blue Ridge Chronicles is a delightful look at how the lively have lived in Southwest Virginia's backcountry. Paperback. The History Press. 160 Pages. Item: 043 Price: $20.00
The Extraordinary Life of William Alexander Stuart

The Extraordinary Life of William Alexander Stuart -  From Antebellum to Late Victorian Virginia 1826 - 1892 by John White Stuart, III. Item: 024 Price: $59.95
Civil War Adventure - Real History: More Stories of the War That Divided America

Civil War Adventure - Real History: More Stories of the War That Divided America by Chuck Dixon. Publisher: History Graphics Press. Illustrator: Gary Kwapisz. Paperback. Item: 314 Price: $14.95
The Industries and Resources of the City of Bristol-Goodson - Tennessee and Virginia. A Historical and Descriptive Review Including Sketches of Its Public Spirited Men and Enterprising Business Establishments

The Industries and Resources of the City of Bristol-Goodson - Tennessee and Virginia. A Historical and Descriptive Review Including Sketches of Its Public Spirited Men and Enterprising Business Establishments. Empire Publishing Company, New York, 1885. Item: 417 Price: $10.00
William Edmondson Grumble Jones - The Life of a Cantankerous Confederate

William Edmondson Grumble Jones - The Life of a Cantankerous Confederate by James Buchanan Ballard. William Edmondson Grumble Jones (b. 1824) stands among the most notable Southwest Virginians to fight in the Civil War. The Washington County native graduated from Emory & Henry College and West Point. As a lieutenant in the Old Army between service in Oregon and Texas, he watched helplessly as his wife drowned during the wreck of the steamship Independence. He resigned his commission in 1857. Resuming his military career as a Confederate officer, he mentored the legendary John Singleton Mosby. His many battles included a clash with George Armstrong Custer near Gettysburg. An internal dispute with his commanding general, J.E.B. Stuart, resulted in Jones's court-martial conviction in 1863. Following a series of campaigns in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, he returned to the Shenandoah Valley and died in battle in 1864, leaving a mixed legacy. Item: 413 Price: $39.99
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Women of Summer - "I know I am but summer to your heart and not the full four seasons of the year." Edna St. Vincent Millay

In the spring of 1908 Georgia, a haunting Germanic beauty falls in love with handsome and dashing Bentley. Caught in the illusion and glory of first love, neither dreams that it will change some lives for several generations.

This novel is based on a true story which took place in Abingdon and involved the family of George W. Wertz, noted photographer from the era who took extraordinary photographs in a time when few knew the medium and were able to do so. Georgia was the daughter of Garnett and George Wertz who lived on Valley Street. Her lover, Bentley Thomas was from Bristol. The author, I. B. Wells, is the great grandson of George Wertz. Dog Ear Publishing. Paperback. 244 Pages. Item: 415. Price: $15.00