Digitized Newspaper Search
(Currently 33,778 Records)

We are developing a database of local newspapers including; the Washington County Journal, the Journal-Virginian, the Glade Spring Citizen, the Washington County News, and the Political Prospect, an Abingdon, Virginia newspaper. The papers are being indexed using automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which is, at the moment, the most feasible solution for a small organization such as ours. As you may know, OCR is sometimes an imperfect rendition of the textual content. This is especially true when run against the yellowed fading text of older newsprint. Accordingly, you may find garbled text in the search result preview. Note that the maximum number of search results is capped at 2,000 returns. If your search hits this limit you need to refine your search terms to reduce the number of returns.

Search limited to 2,000 returns.